Nick DeMarco (Atari Man) is a 30 something who has 2 Masters Degrees (just in case one breaks down) who has been writing about retro topics for over 4 years now, which includes work on Retrogaming Times Monthly and now on NEPAScene.com, where his column, “Turn To Channel 3” is a weekly feature on the site every Tuesday. He can also be found discussing cereal box mysteries and old Nickelodeon programs on Retro Obscura, or fondly writing about those topics he loves on the NES on the 2 Dudes And A NES website. When Nick isn’t doing this, running his video game shop, Nick D’s Video Game Vault every weekend, or spewing hate about the Sega Genesis and its rust issues, Nick can be found enjoying a cold refreshing orange cream Stewart’s Soda while waxing philosophy on the finer things in life, like Ace Harding, the VTech World Wizard, and the radioactive components involved in creating the interstellar shine of Rob Luther’s teeth.

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